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Green Bird

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Organic. Natural. Healthy.

OMRI-Listed Certified. GreenBird compost is the final product of organic matters that went through a slow composting process, similarly to how humus is naturally built up on a tropical forest floor. We believe it's best to let nature take its course throughout the production process and allow the organic compost to be a catalyst for the start of a healthier ecosystem in your lawn and garden.
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Why Green Bird?

+ NPK 2-1-2, plus Calcium & other minerals. Tested & confirmed by University of Arkansas Ag lab. + Populated with microbes. Tested & confirmed by Earthfort lab. + Composted to maturity. + Cured & screened for finer product. + Contains only chicken manure & shredded wood. + No landfill trash, rubber or plastic inclusions. + No raw litter odor. + No seeds or germinations. + From anti-biotic free chicken farms. + Composting process eradicates raw litter odor, thus, resulted in a pleasant earthy aroma. + Easy and ready for use in your home garden, in-ground or raised beds, flower beds, lawn, soil conditioning, & farm. + Certified by OMRI-Listed as organic compost
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How to get Green Bird compost?

You can purchase Green Bird compost in bags (1cuft) at nurseries and garden supply stores, or in bulk directly from us through this website. If you're a retailer and would like to carry our products at your nurseries and stores, please contact us. We love to have our products available to your customers.
Green Bird Center
4555 Kimery Store Rd Greenfield, TN 38230
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Where to find us locally?

Please visit the following nurseries & garden supply stores for our compost. We continue adding new nurseries & stores to have our products available to you.
Green Bird Distribution Center 4555 Kimery Store Rd, Greenfield TN 38230 Biggs Greenhouse 3411 US-45E S, Greenfield TN 38230 Greenway Nursery 15474 S. First St, Milan TN 38358 Green Valley Farms (upon customer's request) 87 Highway 45E, Threeway TN 38343 McKinnis Lawn Service 430 West Reelfoot Ave, Union City TN 38261 Four Seasons Nursery & Garden 2489 US-45, Jackson TN 38301 Hewitt Garden & Design Center 2525 Hillsboro Rd, Franklin TN 37069 Mark Bates Landscaping & Garden Center (upon customer's request) 1603 Franklin Road, Brentwood TN 37027 Thrive Garden Center (coming soon) 1114 Hwy 70, Pegram TN 37082 Creekside Garden Center & Landscape (coming soon) 106 Harding Pl, Nashville, TN 37205 Gardens of Babylon (coming soon) 900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd., Nashville TN 37208 Dan West Garden Center, Inc. (coming soon) 4763 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN 38117
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Discounts Available

Whether you have a group project or stock up for the year, we can help. Spend $500 or more, your total will be auto-reduced with step-up discounts. Call us for any assistance. 972-345-9454

Q & A

Useful information for commonly asked questions. If you have any other questions, please contact us.
Question: Is Green Bird compost truly organic & natural? Answer: Yes, our compost is 100% organic and natural. We also brag about our compost is certified by OMRI-Listed organization. In fact, the ingredients include only chicken litter and natural greens. Green Bird is produced from aerobic composting process in which micro-organisms can thrive and transform raw materials into the rich dark humus similar to that found on the forest floor. Questions: How do I use Green Bird compost? Answer: You can use our compost in a few simple ways: 1) Blend compost in soil: use 1 part of compost or less with 1 part of soil (i.e. 1/2 cuft of compost for 1 cuft of soil). Blend compost & soil. Repeat in Spring & Fall. 2) Top dressing: Spread 1" of compost on top of your soil surface and water it down. Repeat in Spring & Fall. 3) Compost tea: mix Green Bird in a can of water and water the plants periodically for adding nutrients. Question: Are my purchases refundable? Answer: For web orders, please review our Return Policy page. For purchases at our partner nurseries/stores, please ask for assistance at the store as Green Bird do not own or operate them. Question: I am a gardener, how can I buy Green Bird compost? Answer: You can purchase individual bags from any of our partner stores. Please see the list nurseries & stores provided above. If you want to buy in bulk (i.e. pallets, totes, trailer loads), you can do so from the stores too or directly from us on this website. Question: I am a retailer, how can I carry Green Bird products at my nursery/store? Answer: Please call or email us for further information, resale prices & scheduling a delivery. Question: Should I place orders early in the season? Answer: We do recommend our customers (both gardeners and retailers) plan ahead & place orders as soon as possible, especially for the Spring. It may take us a while to fulfill and/or deliver your order during peak seasons. Question: Who makes Green Bird compost? Answer: Green Bird compost is made by Greenfield Farms, a chicken farm in Greenfield, TN. Since our farm produces much less compost compared to larger commercial producers, and compost is our secondary source of revenue, we can focus on quality and customers' satisfaction. We always listen to our customers' feedback and suggestions for a better product.